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Knowledge Management in the Legal Setting

Monday, June 18th, 2012

by Connie Crosby

I was fortunate to have been invited to teach a session in the Canadian Association of Law Library’s New Law Librarians Institute 2012 earlier this month. The focus of the one-week program is substantive law, but my session was of a more practical nature, entitled “Knowledge Management in the Legal Setting.”

I was asked to provide a paper related to the content of my discussion, and am pleased to share it here with everyone (click the image to download the PDF document):

thumbnail image of paper

Knowledge Management in the Legal Setting [pdf]

Workbook: Call Centre Recruiting Using Facebook & Social Networking

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

Last week Connie Crosby presented a full day workshop on recruiting for call centres using Facebook and social networking for the Contact Professionals Alliance as part of their Institute for Contact Professionals. As part of that course, she put together a workbook for participants. We have made that workbook available under a Creative Commons licence (30 pages, PDF):

Graphic on cover courtesy of LuMaxArt.

Quickscribe: A Comparison and Evaluation Report (White Paper) Released

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

[June 26, 2008] A new white paper comparing British Columbia legislative tracking services was released today by Crosby Group Consulting. The report titled, Quickscribe: A Comparison and Evaluation Report, was commissioned by Stem Legal Web Enterprises Inc. to objectively identify key differences between Quickscribe Services Inc. and the BC government offering QP LegalEze. Key findings from the Crosby Group report identified a number of advantages for Quickscribe Services, including:

  • faster system updates than QP LegalEze;
  • more competitive pricing;
  • easier navigation for users;
  • superior ‘alert’ technology for updates; and
  • more accessible customer assistance.

The report is being released today, with permission from Quickscribe Services, at the request of Steve Matthews, Stem’s Founder and President.

Downloading the report:

About Stem Legal Web Enterprises Inc.: Stem Legal helps those in the legal industry build online profile and increase web-driven business. Stem’s founder Steve Matthews is also a Law Librarian, having spent more than 12 years managing Library and Information Services in the BC market

About Quickscribe Services Ltd.: Quickscribe Services is the most trusted source for the most current legislation in British Columbia. Quickscribe serves a broad spectrum of professionals who demand an easy and effective way to navigate through the ever-changing legislation governing their respective industries.

About Crosby Group Consulting: Crosby Group was founded in January 2008 in Toronto, Ontario, by Connie Crosby to help organizations and individuals start their social networking and knowledge management projects. Connie is an expert in social networking, communication and information organization. Prior to creating Crosby Group, she was Library Manager at a prominent Toronto law firm.

White Paper to be Released Today

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Later today Crosby Group will be releasing a White Paper entitled Quickscribe: A Comparison and Evaluation Report.

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